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Bye Bye Negative Energy

You wake up thinking it will be a great day. The sun is shining, you feel well-rested and the dew on the grass glitters in the sunlight.

Then it happens… someone cuts you off on your way to work. You burst out in an outrage at why they did what they did. This causes a seemingly endless spiral of negative emotions to surface. You want to halt the negative emotions and get that feeling of empowerment back, but you feel it’s too late.

Conversations seem dull, and you start counting every agonizing second you have left at work. You wonder why you feel this way, but you think, oh well, this is normal… and you continue to drag your feet through the rest of the day, just ready to go back to bed.

Has this ever happened to you?

If so, you are not alone. Negativity is like a virus that latches on to you, and sometimes doesn’t let go for days or even weeks at a time.

Some think it’s inevitable, but what if there was a way to stop this virus-like emotion spreading once it begins?

Life is a Game

We must learn to see life as a challenge, not a burden.

Have you ever played video games before? Well, your life is like a video game, because in a game, you seek to go further and further to reach higher levels. You must go through various stages and defeat a lot of bosses to come out on top.

Your life is the same, because it is full of challenges to overcome if you wish to venture further.

Challenges to Overcome

 Be able to spot: 

  • The energy of everyone in the room
  • What thoughts are floating around in your mind
  • Where your energy is going

 Challenge #1: Energy Balancing

So what do you need to do to conquer this game and beat this level? You must learn to first control the energy in the room.

When you learn to control the energy in the room, you possess the ability to change the entire outcome of your life.

Your life is governed by perceptions, so when you experience a situation what separates you from another person? The approach you take to what challenges you are dealt.

Often this will be accompanied by the energy of others. If you are in a job, relationship or even in a public area, the energy makes up the collective energy of the room.

I talked about balancing the energy of the room in a previous blog >>Link here<<. But this is key when trying to dominate your life.

Where do you fall on the Positive/Negative Scale?

In order for you to balance the energy of the room it is important to gauge where your energy levels currently are.

Think of your emotional state as a meter. On one side is positive and the other is negative. Using the meter below you can see where you currently are on this scale.

Postive-Negative Scale

Focus on: 

  • Where you fall on the scale


  • Where the overall energy of the room is
    • This includes energy from your pets, your roommate(s), your girlfriend, peers, authority figures and anything else disrupting the flow of energy
    • Also consider the music that is playing and what background noise is present
    • We are typically surrounded by people, so it is important to gauge what mood everyone is around you to get a feel for what kind of energy is circulating throughout the room

Hack #1:
Use the positive/negative scale to gauge how positive or negative you are feeling. This gives you a starting point. Instead of jumping out of a moving car, you are able to stop, get out and observe what is going on.

This will bring awareness to your emotions so that you can learn where your energy is invested and if you are focusing on the right things or not.

Challenge #2: The Negativity Escalator

Have you ever went up or down an escalator? If you don’t feel like walking up the stairs then this is the perfect solution. But when you are on an escalator, what happens?


You have 3 options: Stand in place, move with the stairs or move against the stairs.

So if you want to get to the top of the stairs and you choose the downwards escalader, you can get there, but it will take more effort because you are working against the motion.

In life, once we give rise to a negative thought, it seems like we are doomed to travel down the escalator of negativity. But this is your choice, just as you have a choice to take the stairs over the escalator.

We must learn to break our cycle of negativity by hopping off the negativity escalator and hopping onto the positivity escalator.

Feed yourself one negative thought and that is typically an entryway for many more negative thoughts to come.

Hack #2: Break the cycle of your negative thoughts by pumping your head full of thoughts of gratification. When we are in a negative state, our perception is focused on all the reasons things aren’t working out.

So we simply need to shift this, by shifting what we are focusing on.

Focus on what you are grateful for and let this draw you out of your negative state that seems to suck you in like a magnet.

By shifting your focus to positive things, you will raise your positivity level with every gratifying thought you think.

In essence, the more gratifying thoughts you think, the higher you will be on this scale.

 Challenge #3: Awareness

Becoming aware that you are even doing this to yourself is more difficult than you might think.

When we are induced into a negative emotional state, we feel helpless, hopeless and unable to find answers. So we tend to draw inwards and become tired. Therefore, not wanting to do anything productive and utilize our full potential.

Not only that but we become distracted and we are no longer aware of what is going on in our lives. This takes our power away because only by having awareness can we live in the present moment, which is where all of our power lies.

Hack 3: Breathe

When you focus on your breath, you bring yourself more into the present moment. Being in the present moment allows you to see things for what they are without the bias judgment from the past or the future.

Breathe in the good shit, exhale the bullshit” as the famous saying goes. If you breathe and calm yourself down then those negative thoughts will drift away within the blink of an eye.

** Bonus Hack: Directing your energy **

If you take on a lot of negative emotions all at once then sometimes it can be overwhelming. What you need is something to focus that energy into so you can direct it from your body to the earth, with your breath as a catalyst for doing that.

You want to focus your energy into something like a rock, crystal, teddy bear, pillow or whatever works best for you. Pillows and stuffed animals can be used to hug and release your negative energy (a real person works even better).

I like using a crystal because crystals possess the ability to transfer energy both in and out of your body. You can focus all of your energy on the crystal and imagine that this positive energy from the crystal is flowing through your body like a stream and pushing the negative down the stream and out of your body.

Key Takeaways 
  • Become aware of your energy and the energy in the room
  • Focus on changing your thought process through gratification
  • Pull yourself out of the darkness and into a place of harmony
  • Breathe and let all the negative energy leave your body and allow positive energy to replace it
  • Know that life is just a game of challenges. Don’t take these as burdens, take these as chances for growth


May infinite light shine upon you, revealing your path to eternal bliss. Remember, all the answers we seek are only found inside of us, so don’t be afraid to go within. Love and unity to you all <3

Namaste my friends
-Cody Mann

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