Fulfill Your Purpose or be Left Behind

Fulfill Your Purpose or else…

What is the reason you are here on earth at this very moment? Surely you have pondered this question to yourself at one point or another.

The problem with life is that we all come to earth not knowing what our mission is. Although we serve many purposes, it is not inherent as to what our main objective is for being here. We see life like a system where we have to adapt to what is already in place, rather than shining a light on our uniqueness and casting it upon the world.

We are all different; no one person is the same. Therefore, you must figure out what makes you stand out from everyone else if you wish to truly discover your ‘why’ for being here.

We all come here to make our own mark on the canvas of life

We all have different ideas and perspectives to share. We are not here to make others agree with us, but to share our perspective with the world so that we can help others see life in different ways.

So what happens if we don’t go down the path that was destined for us to go down? We fall into the same trap that most people have been stuck in for a very long time. Therefore, you will be left behind and forced to come back until you learned the lessons your soul needed.

Sounds pretty deep right? Let me explain it in relatable terms.

It is very similar to how our school system works. You cannot move up a grade until you pass the one that you are currently on. If you do not complete the requirements and pass all the classes, you will be required to retake that grade.

Most people believe that if they are good people throughout the entirety of their life they will live on in the afterlife and spend the rest of eternity in heaven. But think about it, if you are a good person does that mean you would be able to pass your grade level in school? No, you will have to come back to finish what you weren’t able to before. While being a good person would attract the right people to help you do that, it won’t actually get you to the next grade level.

So when you look at life as an opportunity to gain valuable insight to spiritual wisdom and grow your spirit, you will see how important your life is.

But what makes you important?

If you are like most people on this planet, you GREATLY underestimate your potential. You tend to undermine what you do and fail to see the strengths that you possess.

So have you ever ventured into the depths of your inner self in search of the reason why you came here? Or did you blindly accept the reality that people told you to live in?

We all possess the ability to create whatever we want in this life using various mediums to do so.

We’ve all been given a finite amount of mediums to create with, but the limitlessness of the human spirit is what creates infinite possibilities.” ~ Sarah Lambert

 The medium in which you use varies from person to person. Why? Because as I said, we are all different individuals. But because there is only a finite amount of mediums for us to use, we must first discover what medium is best for us.

Your passions are the honing mechanism that will bring you into alignment with the medium destined to aid you in fulfilling your purpose.

Why are your passions the key to unlocking the door to your purpose? Think about it… When you are doing something that you are passionate about, you can pour endless amounts of energy into whatever it is you are doing and the more passion you pour into it, the more excited you get.

For me, I am passionate about connecting with people and helping to light up the path for them to see. I work to bring them into alignment with where they need to be. I do this in video, writing and one-on-one communication. The more I do this and the more I talk about it, the more excited I get! :)

So on my path to fulfilling my purpose I can do this with no problem because it is exactly what I would want to be doing with my free time anyway.

Hack of the day: Be a Leader, Not a Follower

You have two choices in life. You can either lead the way or follow everyone else. If you follow what everyone else is doing, you will never be able to come out on top.

You spend your time trying to relive the lives that other people have created. But because we are all unique, guess what will happen? You will be trying to be someone your not by following a path that is not your own.

But when you are a leader, you will lead the way for others to shine. As a leader you should not try to control those around you, but rather bring them up with you. Help them to lead right alongside of you.

Venture out into the unpaved road that leads you to your purpose and the universe will bring exactly the right people into your life to lead right alongside of you.







May infinite light shine upon you, revealing your path to eternal bliss. Remember, all the answers we seek are only found inside of us, so don’t be afraid to go within. Love and unity to you all <3

Namaste my friends
-Cody Mann

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