Faith (Touching Finger of God)

Have Faith Not Hope

It seems like a pretty courageous thing to think, “If I just have hope I can make it through this.”

But unfortunately, hoping only ends up holding you back. But when you have faith, you can move mountains!

Well maybe not literally, but the message I’m trying to get across is that the possibilities are endless when you have faith in yourself.

What is Hope?

Hope is defined as “a person or thing in which expectations are centered” according to

If you notice, the key word here is expectations.

Expectations are something that you are waiting for to be given to you.

So this would mean that you are waiting for something to happen without the drive to get out and make it happen yourself.

When many people have a dream, they tend to look at it as a “dream.” But we should be working towards our dream to make them become a reality.

Hope is what steers most people away from their dreams because they hope that it happens by some miracle; but never actually do anything to make it happen for them.

What is Faith?

In contrast, faith is defined as “The obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement, etc.”

Loyalty is the word that comes to my mind here.

When you possess loyalty, then you will ensure that you see something through to the end.

When I refer to faith, I am referring to faith or belief in yourself. In life we tend to second-guess what we are doing and become critical.

When you have faith in yourself to accomplish something, then it will get accomplished because you won’t quit until it is finished.

To contrast the two:


  • Dreaming of something happening but never actually believing it will come true
  • Wishes of a better life
  • Yields a sense of disparity and no intention of something actually coming true


  • Belief something will happen no matter what
  • Knowing circumstances will work in your favor, despite the unfavorable outcomes that may be currently in your life
  • Never giving up on yourself or something you believe in

When complications arise in your life and you are faced with many problems, have faith it will get better. Believe in yourself and that God and the universe will take care of you.

You will be alright, but only if you BELIEVE you will be J

When you see something happening for yourself in your mind, no matter how many times you might fail, it will come true so long as you never give up.

Have faith in yourself to pull through no matter what arises, and I assure you that you will find a way.

Never give up on yourself, have faith it will work out and remain optimistic. If you do your life will never be the same.

Live in the present and never lose sight of who you are.


May infinite light shine upon you, revealing your path to eternal bliss. Remember, all the answers we seek are only found inside of us, so don’t be afraid to go within. Love and unity to you all <3

Namaste my friends
-Cody Mann

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