Two Magnets Attracting

Our Minds Are LITERALLY Magnets

When people think of the law of attraction, they may think it is some metaphysical BS that is in no way benefiting them in their lives. They couldn’t be more wrong…

Law of Attraction (clouds)

What is the Law of Attraction you ask? Well the Law of Attraction is the idea that when we think something we simultaneously attract things into our lives as a direct result of the thoughts we are thinking.

When you think about your life, you will typically think of it in terms of physical concepts. But we all know that life consists of more than just physical concepts. By physical I mean things we can perceive with our 5 senses.

Thoughts and emotions are two things that we experience everyday, for example. Whether we want to experience them or not they are still there. Even though we are unable to physically see them, they are still obviously there.

So in this sense we know that life is more than meets the eye. But what other things could be affecting our lives that we are not physically aware of? Well, the biggest component is due to the magnetic force of your mind.

The mind is something that is very hard for most people to fully understand what its capabilities are. Our minds are FAR more powerful than any form of technology we have. When you begin to understand what we are actually capable of, you will be blown away!

When I say the mind is a magnet I mean that literally your mind is a magnet. In order to visualize what I am talking about, let’s consider a pair of magnets. A magnet can either attract things to it or repel things away from it.

Two Magnets Attracting

Well your mind functions in a similar manner. When you think about something that you want in life you give off a certain energy. This thought manifests not only inside of your brain, but the world around you. This causes things that you were thinking to be attracted to you.

So you can say, you get what you ask for.

A better way to look at it is that the thoughts are like radio waves. You tune your brain to a certain frequency (similar to trying to find a radio station on your radio) and then broadcast your thoughts out into the external world because of the energy that is associated with your thought.

This signal then begins to pick up on things that you were looking for and attracts those things into your life (similar to when you find a radio station with a good signal and then you tune into it). However, it is possible to attract the wrong things into your life as well.


Your Mindset is EVERYTHING

To consider the situation as a real life example, picture you are cutting a cucumber on your kitchen counter. The knife is very sharp so you convince yourself that you should avoid cutting your hand at all costs.

You start to get more brave and think, I don’t know why I was so worried because this is easy; Ill never cut myself. Next thing you know your hand is gushing blood because of the thoughts you manifested.

What happened? You had the right mindset. didn’t you?

The answer is a definite NO. When you think a thought, the subconscious mind takes whatever you say or think literally. So if you say, “I have to be careful not to cut myself” and then you end up cutting myself anyway, this is a result of negative programming.

The brain registers the fact that you stated “cut myself,” and it focuses on the actions of what you are saying.

The negative word “don’t” has no effect and you end up cutting yourself anyway.

So be careful how you think things, because if you use the wrong affirmations you will end up doing what it is you were trying to prevent.


Use This Power To Achieve Your Dreams

This is a great tool that we are blessed with thanks to our wonderfully complex brains. But we have the power to change our lives, either for the better or worse (hopefully better) depending on the very thoughts we think.

When you think about how beneficial this could be in accomplishing your dreams, you will begin to look at things differently.

You will see things in a new light and learn that the bad things that happen to us in life are not there to make life difficult; they are there to challenge us and help us better ourselves.

Your dreams are vital to the life you are currently living. If you have no dreams of the future, you have nothing to strive for. When you use the Law of Attraction, you can use it to bring things into your lives that will make your dreams become a reality.

While it is healthy to have a balance of good and some negative emotions, you need to be careful how much energy you put into negative things. Don’t deny the negative things in your life because whether you deny them or not, they will still exist. Accept them for what they are, say the emotion or thought you are currently experiencing 3 times and then let the negative feeling dissolve.

After doing this you will have a clear mind for the positive thoughts to flow like a river. You will soon find yourself making money out of the blue, getting incredible news on a daily basis, and most importantly you will be able to live out your dreams.


Final Thoughts

To wrap up I want to summarize the key takeaways:

  • Your brain is a magnet, use its power wisely
  • Dissolve negative emotions so you prevent yourself from attracting negative things
  • Channel your thoughts to a dream you have or a goal (long-term or short-term) and watch them go from a dream to a reality
  • Love life and love yourself


What things could you do in your life to make better use of the Law of Attraction? Comment below and let me know :)


May infinite light shine upon you, revealing your path to eternal bliss. Remember, all the answers we seek are only found inside of us, so don’t be afraid to go within. Love and unity to you all <3

Namaste my friends
-Cody Mann

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