The road to a new life

Six Ways to Prevent a Midlife Crisis

Life can be full of surprises. It’s like a present, sometimes you like what’s inside and sometimes you don’t.

The road to a new life

We are not always prepared for what life throws at us and sometimes we are met with a series of choices that will greatly affect our future. The decisions we make will sometimes lead us down a path that does not resonate with our core values.

So we go through life with the illusion that we are happy and that we are doing the right thing. We miss out on our dreams thinking that they are unnecessary and unachievable.

What we should realize is that we have the potential to do anything we put our minds to; I mean ANYTHING! When you stop working towards your dreams and you become complacent with the familiar, you begin to lose sight of yourself.

You venture through life – wandering hopelessly through an endless array of possibilities and choices. Your age is becoming an apparent factor and your life begins to take a different turn.

Questions creep into your mind, and you are lead to wonder if you really did make the right decisions throughout your life or not.

Since you probably have more time to yourself you are forced to face your thoughts because you are no longer able to cover them up with external things. Your kids have moved out and you are starting to creep over the hill, if you haven’t already passed it.

With a wealth of knowledge from years of experience you know that something must be changed.

You created a chaotic state of mind because you covered up your true feelings and emotions for so long. Suddenly you are met with intense feelings of uneasiness and the realization sets in that you missed out on something great, and there is not enough time to get it back.

Well this is far from true

Your situation can always change but it all hinges on you. How you handle a situation will determine how you are affected by it. When we suppress our emotions they always resurface, and the longer you hold it in the worse it will be! When one experiences midlife crisis a similar thing is happening.

Here Are 6 Things That You Can do to Resolve or Prevent a Midlife Crisis

1) If you have a question, then seek an answer

When we have questions, it is only natural that we seek to find an answer. Well we forget to apply this to our daily lives, because even though we feel we aren’t doing the right thing, we do it anyway just because that is what is comfortable to us or is the ‘norm’.

Focus on asking yourself the right questions. The ‘right’ questions are the ones that invoke thought and make you inherently curious. Questions will usually lead us far if we let them take us that way, so listen to the questions that you have. If there is any doubt at all in your mind that your life is not where it should be, that is a sure sign something in your life MUST change!

2) Take time alone to yourself, get a little ‘me’ time

When you are around other people for so long you lose sight of yourself. Set aside a little time each day to reflect on your decisions, thoughts and beliefs. You could even take a drive somewhere, take a walk, or sit in a quiet place alone. Whatever it may be, this time alone will help tremendously!

3) Develop a goal plan and go for it!

If we wish to succeed in life we must be willing to set goals and strive for them. Because without goals we are without direction and without direction we will wander through life and never find the answer that we are seeking. As the great author Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

4) A healthy mind and healthy body can go a long way

When we are striving to be the best individual that we can be, sometimes our health and well-being are put on the back burner. We forget that our bodies are like machines because it is fueled by the mental (your thoughts) and the physical (food and drinks).

If we put unhealthy foods like chocolate, candy and greasy hamburgers (even though they taste amazing) into our body, not only does it affect our physical health, but it affects our mental health also.

Eating healthy foods and engaging in the art of meditation (or something to ease the mind) will allow us to maintain a clear head that will help us feel better and make better life decisions.


How we view ourselves is crucial because if we don’t have a positive self-image we will never be satisfied with what we have. We will maintain the illusion that we are never good enough and this mindset will leak out into our daily actions and thoughts.

As a result, we will force ourselves to continue living a ‘normal’ life, thinking that one day the feelings of disparity will dissipate and we will be back to the level of happiness that we once had.

It all begins with your mind. If you have a positive self-image you are much more likely to achieve success because you will be more optimistic and you won’t have as many negative thoughts clouding your judgment.

6) Face your fears

This is by far the most important thing to consider. Because if you try to hide from your fears then they will always find you. You can run from your fears but you can’t hide from them.

Most people try to take the ‘easy’ way out and avoid their fears and problems. But if you face your fears early on, you will not have to encounter them years down the road.

Fear is something created by the ego in order to protect us, but in this day and age it primarily holds us back from reaching our full potential. This is because we fear things that we don’t understand. Any new situation will therefore illicit feelings of fear and discomfort. So instead, we choose to avoid facing them thinking we will be happier by doing this. However, this is only a short-term solution to the problem at hand.

Midlife crisis is a result of misaligned choices and a lack of understanding. Once you begin understanding yourself and your situation, then you are more equipped to handle the task at hand. Fix the problems early on so you don’t have to face them in the future.


Don’t let your life take you by surprise. When you put off getting to truly know yourself, then at one point or another you are going to be left face to face at the life you have created, knowing this isn’t the life for you. But because you had other things going on, you were able to put it off that much longer. There comes a point when you don’t have anything to hide behind and the only solution is for you to come to peace with yourself and understand the things that you truly want out of life. Make your life the best life possible and be the one in control at all times. If you do you change not only your own life, but the lives of many others.

What is the biggest obstacle to overcome in your life and how were you able to overcome it? Let me know in the comments below.

May infinite light shine upon you, revealing your path to eternal bliss. Remember, all the answers we seek are only found inside of us, so don’t be afraid to go within. Love and unity to you all <3

Namaste my friends
-Cody Mann

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